Three questions, three answers: Cam Das

He is the first Formula 4 champion from the States and now wants to prove himself in the Formula European Masters: Cam Das. The 18-year-old American particularly benefits from the fact that the Formula European Masters will be in the support programme of the DTM at all events, with DTM driver and Formula Euro Series champion Jamie Green as his mentor.

Why did you choose to be part of the 2019 Formula European Masters?

 “For me, Formula European Masters is the best place to be. The combination of the Dallara F312 and Mercedes-Benz power plant, the historically high level of competitiveness, and the close exposure to DTM make this one of the best championships for a developing driver in Europe.”

DTM driver Jamie Green is your mentor, so will you spend more time in the DTM paddock?

 “Jamie Green has been my mentor for almost a year now. He teaches me not only about driving techniques, but also provides insight into the differentiations off-track that make a driver at his level truly a professional. Our partnership is particularly helpful this year since we will be racing on the same weekends. DTM has always been recognized as one of the most competitive and entertaining championships in the world, and to race alongside it is tremendously valuable.”

What is your 2019 goal with Fortec Motorsports?

 “My target is to win the Formula European Masters. As a team, we are all putting 100% of our efforts into winning, and we believe we have the package to do that. All the Fortec team members are working in sync with one another and share a common goal, so I think we’ll be very strong contenders this year.”

Thank you and good luck, Cam.