Ravenol and Formula European Masters agree upon long-term partnership

In the coming three years, lubricant manufacturer Ravenol will be partner of the Formula European Masters. The company that is based in Werther, Germany, will be the exclusive gearbox-oil supplier for the single-seaters racing in the series and in addition it is going to extend its involvement: Ravenol will also present the trophy for the best rookie of the races.

Ravenol already was partner of the Formula European Masters predecessor, thus supporting the best hopeful young drivers on their way up the motor-racing ladder. The company will continue their support of young racing drivers and therefore signed a three-year deal with the Formula European Masters. This deal comprises both technical support and providing the rookie trophy.  

When it comes to the technical area, all the Formula European Masters teams will be supplied with Ravenol’s ‘RAVENOL F3 Gear Premium’ gearbox oil. The exclusive use of this oil makes sure that the conditions for everybody on the grid will be the same and that nobody will have the opportunity to gain a technical competitive edge. “Supporting the young talents appropriately is of major importance for us,” says Martin Huning, Ravenol’s Motorsport Director. “With the Formula European Masters we opted for a race series that provides perfect conditions for up-and-coming racing drivers. From our point of view, the professional environment represented by DTM is just as important as the long-term proven single-seaters and the fact that the young talents do not only contest three races per weekend but also are provided maximum track time. To cut a long story short: We think that the Formula European Masters represents the perfect platform for young motor racers.”

Ravenol has been involved in motor racing as technical partner and consultant since 2004 and is broadly positioned in the sport, today. After all, the Ravenol logo can be found not only in circuit racing but also in rallying and motorbike racing.