Media Facts: biggest reach on every channel – 10 teams with 20 vehicles on the entry list

The Formula European Masters achieved outstanding media figures in the past years. A fact that once again was proven by the newly published 2018 media facts. They underline the professionalism of the series that now Austria’s Neuhauser Racing also have registered for the 2019 season. 

In the recent past, Neuhauser Racing around Team Principal Hannes Neuhauser secured race wins and titles in Formula 4 and now, the team plans to make the next step on the motor-racing ladder – to the Formula European Masters. This means that the entry list now comprises ten teams from six European countries with twenty cars.

All these squads may look forward to a highly professional race series with an outstanding public reputation. That’s demonstrated by the media facts of the past season: in nearly every area, the media presence was clearly improved compared to 2017. The global TV-broadcast duration, for instance, was increased by 160 percent, compared to last year, with the TV audience around the world amounting to more than 112 million viewers.  The free live stream also proved to be extremely popular with an increase of 26 percent in viewers.

The outstanding interest in the series also was proven by the big number of online and offline reports. The number of publications on the web was increased by 220 percent and the print run added up to a total of 260 million. Last but not least, social media also demonstrated the popularity of the championship. On all the three platforms, the interaction could be increased massively: on Facebook, the users wrote 157 percent more comments than in 2017 and the sharing of posts was increased by 308 percent. The number of followers increased by 36 percent on Twitter and more than doubled on Instagram. 

“These figures once again demonstrate in impressive style the value of our championship for teams and drivers,” underlined Walter Mertes, CEO of Formel 3 Vermarktungs GmbH. “The Formula European Masters, held in the DTM support programme, provides the highest production standards and global TV distribution. No other young-driver series worldwide offers a similar range and, consequently, such an attractive platform for drivers from all over the world.”